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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Digimon Savers Review Part 3

Episode 40 "The Strongest Order of Knights - The Royal Knights Gather"

So now it looks like both the Human World and the Digital World are doomed and are about to collide with one another but is thankfully stopped when Bancholeomon is used as a door stopper to stop both world from colliding. He then tell the others in order to stop all this they need to go and get help from King Yggdrasil and with that Bancholeomon is then in like this amber looking thing and both worlds are at ease for now. Now let’s talk a bit about King Yggdrasil, Yggdrasil if you did not know is a real thing in Norse mythical which was a tree that connects the 9 worlds tougher. And yah it is fairly accurate here with its home being a giant tree and in the Digital world he is their god. So in the Dub Yggdrasil was called King Drasil which is not too bad I mean before like the Thor movie how could a person even pronounce Yggdrasil? While on their way to the Digital World to get King Yggdrasil they are stopped by The Royal Knights.

As a long time Digimon fan it is pretty awesome seeing The Royal Knights here since the roster we have here is Craniummon, Magnamon, Ulforce V-dramon, Dynasmon and Crusadermon, Duftmon (the Knight Duft branded bear), Dukemon (and is also reprise by Masko Nozawa once again) and finally Omnimon. It sucks we don’t have every single Royal Knight like Imperialdramon paladin mode (I think there is an in universe explanation why that I did not have time to research), Alphamon (but he is over power as fuck though), Gankoomon and Jessmon (but they weren’t invented yet) and finally no Examon BUT… why would I WANT EXAMON… HA… AHAH... HAHA..... HHHAAA! 

And then King Yggdrasil appears and find out that Yggdrasil is Spencer Damon! And his orders with this happing is the extinction of the humans. The 4 themselves are about to be killed off that is till Sleipmon comes in and saves them. Who is Sleipmon you may be asking? Well he is the mega form of Kudamon and was a Royal Knight as well till he learn humanity is good and no longer work for Yggdrasil. Marcus question everything that has just happens so he decides to go and find his dad to ask him what is going on with him and leaving the other 3 in the Human world. But that’s ok since EVERYONE GET'S A BURST MODE, MarigeGaogamon get a burst mode, Rosemon get a burst mode, Ravemon gets a burst mode, AND YOU GET A Burst mode, and you get a burst mode, EVERYONE GET's A BURST MODE! And said before all the Burst modes look pretty amazing. 

So with the other getting their own Bust Modes they rejoin Marcus as well as Bancholeomon with Craniummon currently holding the 2 worlds. And once their Bancholeomon reviles a very big secrete, his secrete is! CUT ME SOME SLACK PEOPLE I mean Bancholeomon’s design was like so influenced by Jotaro from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. But for real it is really Spencer Damon. And he proves that he is his dad because he says when he was a little kid he hurt his head on the monkey bars WHICH is VERY GOOF FORSHADOWING because the first time you hared Marcus say that line it was more of a thruway like then anything else.

Bancho… Spencer…Leomon? Then tells exactly how all of this happened, you see when Spencer Damon was trying to look for Yggdrasil he meet Bancholeomon when then both had a fight to see who is more manlier and the toughest. And after that Bancholeomon promise he would stay by his side and he was the first to unlock the Burst Mode. And then that is also the day Yggdrasil meet with Spencer for the first time, however that was also the day where Kurata came into the Digital world and started mass genocide in the digital world. And then Kurata took Belphemon and then fuse the Human and Digital world tougher so either way Spencer Damon got screwed by Kurata. And because of Kurata Spencer Damon was going to be killed but Bancholeomon came and transferred his soul into his body. But Yggdrasil is not dumb and saw this and then took position of Spencer’s Body and if anyone else said anything about this Yggdrasill would destroy the body (WOW 2 leomon death in just 1 season, you basters, you bastards).  

But now it has come to the nuclear option since Yggdrasill want the Humans to die Bancholeomon Spencer Damon decides to sacrifice himself and then asks Marcus to please kill him, and he does sadly. But it was for nothing because Yggdrasill shows off its true form and… well… I do not know what to classify what this is, a cross since it is in the shape of a T and Symbolism. Frankly if you want my option it looks like it is something from Evangelion then Digimon (and how ironic the next year the first Eva rebuilt movies would start, and STILL NOT HAVE HAD ENDED YET!).

This is when thing got so many kinds of REAL to put it shortly. Besides seeing the Royal Knights Yggdrasill is a good final antagonist. You really cannot classify him as a villain because he is doing this all for the Digital world and his people which is very understandable. The twist with Bancholeomon was a shocker and believable with the world of Digimon, and such a sad scene Marcus doing that to his own Dad. So now King Yggdrasill is in the human world and it is up to the 4 to stop him from committing mass genocide on the humans, wait WHAT!?

Episode 48 "A Complete Conclusion! Farewell, Leader of Fights"

The 4 are back to try and stop King Yggdrasil but he is a God and well you can guess what happens? And then the remaining Royal Knights are here as well and before you think the 4 are more screwed they are not here to kill the 4 but what they do is call out some of his bull crap on WHY? Why is he doing this? Why are they just letting them protect him with the loss of so many of their comrades dead and see the humans are actually good and want to help? But Yggdrasill is ignoring it and then starts going crazy and stating “I am the WIZ9000 to observe the evolution growth of Digimon, failure to human interference and now all systems shale be switched to a new world and now commencing error code 401” and after this whole time the God of the Digimon is a computer. .And now it will start the world again and increase the Digital world falling into the human world now but The Royal Knights are stopping it white the 4 go after Yggdrasill.

So the final fight happens with Marcus and Agumon running up to worse Yggdrasill while the 4 other keep fighting and continue to Digivolve as they do fight. But God so still not enough for him that is until Marcus sister starts glowing and then Thoma sister, and Ikuto sister basically a bunch of people started to glow which is the Digisoul and with that everyone’s Digisoul they pushed back the Digital World. And even Agumon starts glowing giving a new form Agumon Burst mode which makes him a phoenix thing and that is able to break through Yggdrasill for his real form and Marcus Damon punches Yggdrasill in the face.

Yup he punch GOD in the face, I do not know if this is the most badass thing ever or the most ridicules fan fiction thing ever? With that done with Yggdrasill admits to his mistakes and admit even a God can be wrong. So with that all The Royal Knights go back home and look at that Spencer Damon is alive again as well. So this means everything is good right? Nope not at all.

In actually what this means since the Digital World lost its GOD it would be no surprise that there would be havoc in the Digital world which means all the Digimon have to go back home to help fix their world. And also D.A.T.S. have to close the Digital Gate for who knows long so that both worlds can be repaired. With that the Digimon partners spend 1 last day with them before they leave and before they go Marcus who does not want to say good bye to Agumon goes with him to the Digital world to fight alongside him and even his dad says yes to this for it is what a man does (yes Spencer your 14 year old man son, still have not gotten over that). And the show ends with a little time skip showing the lives of everyone and how they are now. Ikuto is a normal human now, Yoshi is a cop a cop now, Thoma is Doctor now and found a cure for his sister. And Marcus well Marcus Damon is still Marcus Damon.

This ending was pretty good I had to say. I mean it is a bitter sweet ending with Marcus leaving the human world to live with Digimon his whole life for now on. It did ended on a happy note. Revelation like with Yggdrasill is well I don’t know was like Yggdrasill apart of some deeper thing for Digimon LOR or am I forgetting something. But over all a satisfying ending to a satisfying show.

Digimon Savers The Movie: Kyuukyoku power! burst mode Hatsudou!!
Digimon Savers the movie: Kyuukyoku power! burst mode Hatsudou!!
Digimon Savers the movie isn't really that much of a movie it’s more like the climax of a movie instead. The plot of the movie is about this hippy Digimon by the name of Argomon is attacking the city and the humans are in sleep when he takes over the city. So it is now up to the Digimon to save the human world from this guy and also helped by another girl named Rhythm.

That is the entire movie, Argomon is not all bland he want to do this since he see humans re ploution the world, and Rhythm herself is latterly just THERE IN THE MOVIE! The whole movie is just fight scenes and that’s it really. It is really not bad since it is short and have fight scenes or that good either since again nothing but fight scenes. This should have had been called Digimon Savers the Movie: fight scenes, fight scenes, FIGHT SCENES!

This movie is just their if you want to watch it. It has good animation and some funny bloopers. So just watch it for the bloopers and also the final fight scene between both Argomon and Shinegreymon Burst mode. Now while doing some research for this while there is no Dub of this movie I found a trailer and it was exclusive to the Philippines. AND believe it or not it is still on the Disney website go ahead here is the link just watch it. Link

Best Episode- Episode 38: it was just so awesome seeing Marcus punching Kurata in the face
Worst Episode- Episode 8: This was a Yoshi focus episode and yet Marcus was the one to do the finishing blow. Just WEAK!

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