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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Digimon Savers Review Part 2

Episode 25 "Smash Kurata's Ambition - Flight, Yatagaramon" 

A new charter has enter into the show and his name is Akihiro Kurata and believe me I will get to why he gets that music played for him alright. Now as Kurata as puts it himself he is a "Digimon Otaku" (if there was ever a more meda thing in Digimon it would be this) I also can't help but to think Otacon from Metal Gear because he’s squirmy, nerdy, an Otaku, hell he even looks a bit like Otacon. Kurata is voiced by Brian Palermo in the Dub and Masami Kikuchi in the Japinese Ver. and also fun face was also the voice of Joe from Digimon Adventure, maybe this is Joe in an AU world? Kurata is here because after an attack by Digimon both him a squad of solders and the 3 will go and have a negotiation and make peace with Merukimon, which means that they are going to blow the ever bejesus out of him. And exactly that what happens when they go and see Merukimon again. Merukimon recognizes Kurata and his face and tell the others he is the one that came to the Digital world a long time ago and killed off many Digimon and also more.

You see on the hunt for Ikuto a team of professionals went into the Digital world which had Ikuto parents Kurata commander Satsuma the old man who gave Marcus his Digivice and finally Marcus Dad Suprga Damon/ Spencer Damon. And I must say Marcus Dad is a total badass I will just list off of just a few things this badass of a badass has accomplished he has wrestled a lion made up of fire and won, one man punched SaberLeomon and K.O. him bro fisted with Merukimon and skipping a bit here but his Digimon partner was already at Mega and tamed him. I mean what created this badass of a badass was he like created from the explosion from Chuck Norris and Segata Santro? And what makes him even more badass he is voiced by Jeff Nimoy in the Dub and Jeff Nimoy was the voice of the most badass charter in all of Anime Nicholas D. MOTHER FUCKING Wolfwood from Trigun. Also here we gotten information that he was also the creator of the Digivice which he gave for Ikuto and will bring him home if he ask god can he, that’s not a joke by the way.

Now because of the badassery that is Spencer Damon that is the reason Digimon have been coming into the human world in the first place and so that is how D.A.T.S. was made and both the old guy and commander Satsuma Started D.A.T.S. But Kurata remembers things a bit different with him getting attacked by a Digimon he then freaked out and wen a tad crazy which made his decision to kill all of the Digimon and then he does so with killing off Mercurymon with his invention the Gizmon XT. The 3 try their hardest to try and defeat Kurata BUT no use that is until Ikuto accepts he is a human with the Heart of a Digimon wand that makes his Falcomon warps Digivolves from Peckmon into Crowmon. with that added power (and a little more help from Merukimon punching the Gizmon) they destroy it but Kurata escapes with his bomb that tranports him from Digital World to human world.

This show just got a lot more cooler quickly. It takes like less then 5 episodes for you to just HATE Kurata but honestly it is hard to not see where he is coming from. I mean he was just a normal guy on a mission with people in a strange and unknown place. and after having almost dies it is kinda understandable to see where he is coming from and it makes his goals very HUMAN in the grand scene of things. Also this helps out questions we had before and not answer like the Digivice origin and like how D.A.T.S. came to be and was more then satisfying to see Ikuto defeating  a Gizmon for his dead Digital mom. So the 4 return home in the human world but Kurata has taken over and now erase everyone memories of the Digital world.

Episode 29 Resurrecting Digivices - A New Brilliance
By the way that spectific episode was at episode 25 so CLIP SHOW  but hay everyone got new cloths and they all look cool sorry to tease you all like that.

Krata has now successfully taken over D.A.T.S. and destroy it and goes back into the Digital world to commit genocide of the entire Digital world. The 3 need to back to the Digital World and they can from the help of Ikuto parents Digital Gate. While traveling in the portal they meet 3 people and the 3 people can turn Digimon. They are classified as Bio Hybrid created by Kurata and making this show the 3RD time Digimon and humans have fused and thankfully the last (unless you count the Xros Wars Manga). I'm not gonna talk about since they don't have that much of charter but just 1 note is the best way to put it and just not too much to say. But what I will say is that they are TOUGH, so THOUGH the only way to defeat them is unleashing power like never before which in turn destroy their Digivices. Marcus had a good Idea finding his dad to help since after all he did invent the Digivice but instead of finding him they find Bancholeomon!   

Bancholeomon is a pretty cool Dude he is able to take down 3 Gizmon with ease and just look at him, JUST LOOK AT HIM THAT MOTHER FUCKER LOOKS MANLY AS FUCK! SO Bancholeomon promises that he can give them new Digivices but they have to earn it buy knowing the true meaning of the Digi Soul. The Digisoul is about understanding both the human and Digimon tougher and must be earn and not borrow, at that moment when he is teaching the 3 (Ikuto left to get more help) the Bio hybrids are there as well kicking the shit out of the Digimon. And because of this all of their Digisoul’s burn brighter fixing their Digivices and making brand new Digivices called the Digivice Burst. The Digivice Burst is OK it is what I have about Digivices and being big bricks which at times seems a bit too bulky to hold this one is an exception however with a side being curved down which does gives it a bit more charter to the Digivice. And with that all 3 Digimon warp Digivolve into MEGA!

I must say all 3 megas for this season are all awesome. First is Shinegreymon and Shinegreymon is a very powerful looking form and looks unstoppable like a force to be reckoned with, also add in the great color scheme of red, white, and yellow and it looks amazing form. He also has this sword as well called the Geogrey sword but it had like only 1 victory total out of all of its use and such a shame cauz it looks pretty sweet looking sword. Next is Miragegaogamon and he too is badass because he’s a knight with a wolf motif 2 things I really love WAIT HE HAS A CAPE that is like X3 awesomeness there. Lastly is Rosemon which is mostly fan service but yah she is fine too I like the vine whips being a part of the body and also a sword and cool how this is also a form reached with Palmon from Adventure, so with all 3 in mega they can take down the bio hybrids with ease now.

This was an awesome moment in the show. Besides the awesome looking megas we got an awesome charter I.E. Bancholeomon who expands on like the Digisoul and how it works. The new Digivices are slightly less bad then originally thought and do serve a purpose for much later on in the show then just new toys. Now while that is happing Kurata plains have been going good and is now ready to start his final plain. 

Episode 38 "Burst Mode - The Power that exceeds Ultimate"
Kurata finally has enough Digimon data to activate his plain of awakening Belphemon one of the 7 Digimon Demon Lords. Yes you heard me right the 7 Demon Lords which is basically the 7 Deadly Sins and Belphemon is the Demon Lord of Sloth which is sleeping (also if you look at his little alarm clock it looks strangely enough like a Tamagotchi?). We find out that when Kurata went to the Digital world he found this Digimon hidden away and chained up and he has been feeding it Digimon data to awaken it and control the world. OK then he wants to kill all Digimon and for some reason rule the human world because… he feel superior I guess but I highly doubt that  and with that he wants to control the human world now. This is a rather eeeehhhhaaaa transition from killing all Digimon and causing Digimon decide to ruler of the human world. but I think a reason is that h an kill Digimon and because of that maybe the power has gone to his head and ego and now sees himself as a savor to the human world as well as the digital world (again just me doing assumptions) but h needs 1 more thing for his plain to work and that person is Thoma.

Because of Kurata all the members of D.A.T.S. are on the run and are in hiding, Bancholeomon come to see if all of them are alright and also something impotent to tell to Marcus there is a level beyond Mega the “Burst Mode”. When another attack of Gizmon’s start attacking the other they stop them except for Thoma who is now fighting alongside with Kurata and this just makes Marcus mad and just so full of anger that he just force activates the Burst mode, only it’s not the burst mode it is something else a “Ruin Mode”. Digimon Savers continue the trend of every other season having the main protagonist force their Digimon to Digivolve which leads into a monstrous Ver. of their Digimon to rampage. And that what happens exactly ShineGeymon in his Runion mode just rampage on worse till he is stopped by Marcus and his feeling and that destroys ShineGreymon turning him back into a Digiegg because the only way to stop something like this if the Digimon is destroyed. And that is not the worst of it yet they do not know how long it will take for a Digiegg to hatch and even if it does there will be no clue if he will even remember Marcus or not. SO um YAH heroes are very screwed over now!

Now I should explain why Thoma was working Kurata and that is a simple one for his sister. You see his sister was born very ill and has been sick for long amounts of her life and Kurata is the only one who can promise that. However there’s a catch Kurata can do it but it means that he would be truing her into a Digimon in the process, and the most messed up thing is that her father knew about this and is ok with this as long as she lives.

And let’s talk about his Thoma father for a quick second. Their relationship is that he does not consider him a true Norstein and yah me just writing it like it is may seem cliché but trust me it is not there are layers of Gray for their argument and I will talk about them in the charter analyses. So back with Kurata he needed Thoma help so he could control Belphemon and while that is happing surgery is being done on his sister and then Thoma revels he is a double agent and only did it so he could protect his sister because she had an explosive collar on her but once it was removed Thoma can help out with the other again.

But sadly it came at a worst time Kurata has Belphemon on a rampage and nothing can stop him not megas, captions, or even Falcomon warp Digivolving into Ravemon (it was a bit just appears in the show too just like how I am writing it. Even more bad comes when Kurata fuses with Belphemon and turning that cute adorable creature into ‘I WILL DEVOUR YOUR SOUL”! When it looks like everything looks bleak and they are all gonna die till Marcus Digi egg starts hatching and pops out a Koromon and good news he remembers Marcus after all. So now having ShineGreymon they ARE STILL NOT ABLE TO DEFEAT KURATA! In fact he got stronger just by absorbing those demotion transporters and him just gotten powerful.

Marcus then Asks ShineGreymon to borrower his power but reminds him that power is not borrowed but combined with both Digimon and Human and from that both Marcus and ShineGreymon are able to unlock the power of the Burst mode (which is why the Digivice Burst is design the way it is). I FREAKIN LOVE the Burst modes, they are all so cool in the show. I mean design wise they are all sill the same  just with more color and added weapons but there is just something about it that just make all the Burst modes so awesome in the show. And what makes it better is that all for the protagonist get a Burst Mode and is not just a main protagonist exclusive. 


When ShineGreymon Burst Mode takes a few jabs at Kurata he then has Marcus Damon in his hand and just that pose says so much. It says I am going to punch you, I will defeat you, I will protect my friends, family, the human and Digital World, I WILL BE TRIUMPH! What makes this the best moment of practly the entire series is when ShineGreymon Burst Mode looks up with half of his face in shadow and also walking slowly at Kurata and fire blazing every where. And when it looks like ShineGreymon going to punch Kurata he has Marcus in his hand. And Marcus ready to punch him and Kurata asking for forgives and Marcus ain't having none of it. And then both Marcus and ShineGreymon Burst Mode PUNCHES... KURATA... IN THE FACE! WHY?

THIS IS JUST SO GODDAMN AMAZING! No joke when I saw this scene I just JUMPED OUT OF MY SEAT and shouted "YAH"! Because this was so satisfying to see Kurata Punched in the face. This to me is truly the best moment in all of Savers and really you should just watch it for this scene alone. When it looks like everything is over Kurata has 1 last trick up his sleeve and commits a colony drop where now the Human World and the Digital World are now colliding with one another and Kurata dies in the process.

DO I EVEN NEED TO SAY HOW AWESOME THIS WAS! I mean that scene where Marcus Punches Kurata is just so good I can’t help but to fall in love with the show, and this really made me did love this show a lot. Everything else is good to with the team being on the hunt from Kurata, Thoma being a double agent, ShineGreymon Ruin Mode I can’t list off all the great moments in all of this show it is just simply amazing! Also bones points for having top notch animation and Believer used in this fight. So now that the Human World and Digital World are colliding with each other the Digimon king is not happy about this at all. Come back next week where we get the Royal Knights, more Burst Modes and the Digimon King and the Truth. 

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