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Monday, April 18, 2016

Power Rangers the movie Logo

Sources: Tokunation

Power Rangers Movie 2017

With the Power Rangers movie being filmed right now and making progress and also with their Twitter showing off some pictures of what is happening on set we not got a logo for the movie, and it's Meh. it looks well a bit bland for my taste with all the font being he same size compare to the old one being slightly raised. also it it weird with the Red and silver why not red and green with the old logos or even crackle with all the rangers colors. also finally the thunder bold it the Flashes Logo just fliped and squished (i mean it would make people growing up with the show and milk the nostalgic factor with the old thunderbolt logo).

I'm not going to let a logo judge how i feel on a movie i am going to wait till more things come out like monster suits and anger suits to come out before more of a judgment I can make on the movie.

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