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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Digimon Tri 3rd movie poster: Kokuhaku/Confession


Today is now April 3rd and that means April fools day is no longer here which I am glad so I can use Twitter again (I usually stay far away from Social Media as much as I can on April 1st) and now we are given a much better and clearer image of of the 3rd Digimon Tri movie Poster Kokuhaku/Confession. now on April first their was a spoof of this poster with Etemon which I will link here so we now have a better image that will be in the 3rd Tri movie with Meicoomon in his what I assume his Ultimate form/ his Perfect form (i have had always had a problem with this since Ultimate means the best ever and nothing else can beat it, and the same can be said about the Japanese version as well how is Ultimate powerful then perfect. basically both fail)! I also love Patamon here like "yah I can take you on BUB"! it will not be till September until we get to see this movie and hopefully the next movie will start answering more things then question more things. and hell who knows maybe like one of the 7 daemon Lords could be in Tri.

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