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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

New Zyuohger scans 4-20-15

Sources: Touknation

some now Zyuohger have just came today which means it is time to look at what new Toys will be out soon.

first something I did not cover before because A. I had stuff to do and B. the images before were to blurry, but better images of Cube Wolf & Cube Crocodile which can form both feet and a crotch peace. 

Now we start getting into the good stuff with Zyuoh TheWorld’s personal Mecha Tousai Zyuoh. Which is formed from the already said Cube Wolf & Cube Crocodile and also Cube Rhinos. Now that + the other 13 Cube Mechas that all tougher makes Wild Tousai King! AND IT'S… IT'S... SOMETHING! Yah that I feel is the best way to describe it, i mean it all tougher it JUST AN. NOW YOU MIGHT BE THINKING TO YOURSELF both Cube Wolf & Cube Crocodile holes make up the hands right, well no , if you look closer there are actual hands their, which are really, really, really small, I KNOW.

Now we got a 4th Auxiliary mechA Cube Koumori, Koumori is japinese for Bat (OR A PURPLE DRAGON) that can become a sword. Also our look at our summer exclusive Mecha Cube Condor which is a repaint/ remold of the torso of the main Mecha. And just like all modern Mecha after Goseiger like ever the summer exclusive Mecha is just more or less the chest Zord being repainted/ remolded and just feels incomplete when you have all the Mecha.   

Finally what I wanted to get into the first place with Zyuoh eagle having another power up which is a gun called the Whale ChargeGun transforming him into Zyuoh Whale. Zyuoh Whale looks like Proto Man from Mega Man. If you don't know me I FREAKIN LOVE MEGA MAN and this I JUST FANGASEM! AND THE FACT THAT WE HAVE A POWER RANGER THAT LOOKS LIKE PROTO MAN FROM MEGA MAN MY INNER FAN BOY GEEKED OUT! I AM REALLY EXCITED TO SEE Zyuoh Whale because I FREAKIN LOVE MEGA MAN!

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