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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Digimon savers review part 4

The Charters

I FREAKIN LOVE MARCUES DAMON! This guy is such a badass taking on Digimon having balls to do have the things he does, I mean this just is just great. And yet that is the reason people hate him in the first place is the fact that he does punch things in the first place since that is to outlandish and the Digimon well as an afterthought. But honestly I really like it a lot about him, because it meant that both him and Agumon are on the same footing as one another and are truly partners.

Another thing I also really like about Marcus is he is WHAT Right Suzuki AND Takaharu Igasaki should have been, I mean in the begin Marcus was a hot headed guy and only used brute force to solve his problems. But there is 1 difference between those 2 he grew as a charter, he was not still the dumb kid as before he was a smart fighter. Like with ShineGreymon and Ruin form he then needed to earn his power instead of borrowing it! I mean you can tell he did change and if some ones does do an idiot protagonist this is the best way to do it.

Agumon: The Savers Agumon is defiantly not like you grew up with in Adventure but rather this Agumon. He’s brash, selfish with food, and argues with Marcus a lot. But I really like that dynamic between the 2. In Adventure both of them were buddies from the start where here they both had to earn respect for one another. It is dynamic like that that makes me really appreciates this show more.

Thoma was the 2nd best charter and that is mostly due to him and his baggage with his family. When his parents were young and they first meet one another they were young and she was an exchange student and well you can probably assume what happened next. On his dad side his family did not like her as was glad she was dead and revolted even the sight of Thoma. But you know what the sad part is? His dad was positive for Thoma and cared for him but Thoma Grandmother did not and did not see him as a part of the Norstein family and she mad his dad revolt him as well. It was only during an attack by Digimon where he saved his sister did his dad finally admit he was more of a man then he was. Which that is beautiful to me.

Thoma was always the brains of the group for the show since he was young he had to go ahead and spend a lot of his time just studding all the time. But it worked out for him since he did have a very tactical way of fighting and it did work out a lot of times in the end. His Partner Gaomon is a lot of a yes master and always following Thoma orders to the very end no matter what because he knows what his master is doing.

Yoshi got the lease developed in the show and as such she just kinda sucked. It was implied she was good at like computers and stuff but I didn’t see it. Her back story was she had no self-confidence growing up as a kid and Lylmon helped her. But other than that she was just there, and is the token female of the group. Lylmon did little as well so moving onto Ikuto.

Ikuto had a good arc with his introduction which set up a lot more things latter on in the season. At child birth when he was sent into the Digital world and adopted by Digimon he thought he really was a Digimon. but when Kurata attacked all of the other Digimon stopped being around him and wanted nothing to do with him and some even going as far as to kill him at 1 point. Ikuto when we meet him as a normal kid was the same too hating humans and no one telling himself he was a human. Really he turned the other checked when he started to live with Marcus and saw his parents. And even more from Kurata and only then did he embrace he was a human and proms he would live as a human and have a soul of a Digimon. Falcomon just there for the most part but and was also a guide for Ikuto to help him to make the right choices in life.

The Music
It would not a true Digimon season without great music and Savers I can say did well with some good background music and an ear worm or 2. Most of the like background music had a techy and a few times a spy feel to it and the Burst mode instrumental theme is pretty solid. I admit I am not a big fan of the first opening of the show Gouing! Going! My Soul!! In my option it sounds like generic J Pop, I absolutely love Hirari, like A LOT. This is my 2nd favorite Digimon opening (Tri Butterfly is still the best opening ever). Even the American opening is pretty catchy, especially when it goes instrumental. Digital-Ranger Jukebox Recommendations go to worse Believer. 

Now this is to me the best Digimon insert song... OF ALL TIME! Where do I begin? After a somewhat long techno opening is out of the way of none stop awesomeness happens, when that guitar riff starts happens you know SHIT just got real. Then after that it escalates it serious time for action time. Then the guitar riff happens and you want to just bang your head pulse the quire is also awesome to listen to as well. And then at the end when the singer says Believer I just think about Marcus punching Kurata because again IT WAS THE BEST THING IN THE WHOLE SERIES. I can’t get enough of this song and I will continue to praise it till the end of time. And will listen to it about a million more times. 

The Good 
The Pasting
I love the Pasting in this show. I know in the past I’ve complained shows pasting before but I feel more grown up and mess judge them compare to now with my reviews (some that are not that bad but still some are still desirving of bad pasting I.E. last review). Things are slow in the begging but after episode 10 it is a none stop roller coaster till the end of the show with no stops in between.

The Escalation of the fighting
You know how in like Ninninger and even a bit in ToQGer simply saying it is powerful is enough to say it is powerful? Well not in this show they go bit by bit showing exactly how powerful something with Trial and error. I admit this is a more you need to see it to believe it but take my word on that.   

The 7 Great Demon Lords & The Royal Knights
It’s not often that we get something Digimon that involves both The Royal Knights and also the 7 Great Demon lords. I mean granted that changed with Cyber Sleuths but still it remains to be acknowledged. BUT Savers did something great here with having both the 7 Great Demon lords and Royal Knights. This is something that the hard core Digimon fans will appreciate since this has more Digimon Lore in it with these 2 factions. And both of these factions just made the show more awesome acknowledging them in this shows universe. 

The Burst modes
I gone over praising my love of the Burst modes already but it needs to be repeated they are awesome looking forms that add so much with doing so little all of them are just amazing looking. It is hard to say is my favorite. Wait no Shine Greymon Burst mode that is the best one. I mean the only crappy thing i can really say about the burst modes is that their were never toys of them. but since the normal Savers toy line was bad it was nice to see upgrades like these just just looks badass.

The Antagonists
Savers is a season that has dome of the best antagonist in a Digimon season and all of them were just great and memorable. Mercurymon was a guy who was actually to try and help humans and Digimon be tougher but because of Kurata stuff got out of hand and just did the things he did for his own kind. Kurata is just one of the most evilest Digimon villains and he is human which makes him so scary. I mean it is understandable where he is coming from continuously getting attack by Digimon I mean it would make sense why he would try and kill them, GOD DID IT FEEL GOOD WHEN HE WAS DEFEATED! And finally Yggdrasil was a great foe as well since he is just doing this for the good of his own kingdom and people. All the antagonist were very well rounded charters with goals and fit a Digimon season and were all great. compare to other Digimon antagonists who were they are evil for being the sake of evil,  something not even related to being Digimon at all, or just a total JACK OFF!

Episode 38 
Do I even need to repeat myself why this was an epic moment in the show? Because at this point all I can say left is that it is just amazing and I loved it and no other show I can think of made me fist pump in the air before.

People Hate Marcus Damon and they hate him even more then Davis (their is so much wrong with that i will not even get into it in this review) But I really do not care. I don’t care if people hate Marcus Damon, say him punching the Digimon is a stupid idea, I do not care if you think he sucks are brash or anything else, Marcus is just AWESOME! And honestly he reminds me a bit of Tai from Adventure. Think about it brash, bold, adventuresses, willing to do anything to defeat an enemy. It feels like he got some inspiration from Tai himself just more grownup and punch things. But regardless this is a charter that I love a lot and is just awesome! WOW that was a lot of good I listed in this show, is there any bad with this show? Well yes a few things.

The Bad 
The Bio-Hybrids
The Bio-Hybrids were JUST THEIR and that’s all, and I know I praise the ever living crap out of the antagonists before but these guys are just forgetful. I don’t remember any of their names or ninths they had because they were so boring.  

The Animation
This is more of a nitpick on my part but the animation for the show is lack luster. Don't get me wrong compare to a bunch of other shows (especially with recent shows from Toei) but it is really nothing special either. 

But at this point I am just looking for things to nitpick or say is a bad since when the animation was great it was fantastic!

Final Verdict

WHICH is why I Digital-Ranger shale give Digimon Savers The Prodigious Award Seal of Approval! An award reserved for only the BEST OF THE BEST and must be seen by all.

Digimon Savers is a show that should be given more love and more people need to see it. The charters are all awesome, the show had some of the best antagonists in any Digimon show, and the Kurata Marcus battle was also really badass! I could continue why I love this show so very much. If you are wanting to get into Digimon this is a great place to start to get into the show, and if you are a long time veteran (like myself at 1 point) then you NEED TO WATCH THIS SHOW.

Now you might be thinking IS THIS YOUR FAVORITE DIGIMON SEASON EVER, MAYBE? I am being honest with you people now, I really need to go back again and sourta rereview some of the Digimon seasons I have done with thinking more like an adult now, but I will say this it is either this or Adventure that is my favorite Digimon season. So as of now yes I guess you can say this is my favorite Digimon season. Just because I finished Savers does not mean we are completely done with Digimon come back next week and I shale review Tri’s 2nd movie, Oh by I hope this is as good as the first one and answers questions instead of asking more questions, no one dies a pointless death and Hackmon is not a jack off and does more nothing, RIGHT? 

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