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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Digimon Tri: Determination review

I know I am a bit late here to the party on this one guys but hay I review the entirety of Digimon Savers, and I also needed to have a review up on my birthday. Yes after like months of anticipation the 2nd Digimon Tri movie is finally here and after the first one which was so awesome surly the 2nd Tri movie will be nothing but awesomeness Right? Well it’s Meh really.

The movie begins with a battle between both Leomon and an Ogermon fighting while in the distance we see the Digimon Emperor smiling at this. And that is the whole first movie just those 2 fighting and a shot of Ken in his new Digimon emperor design. I mean what takes up most of this first movie is the team in a hot spring (because you’re not an anime if you don’t have an episode where you’re at the hot springs). But there are some things of note like humans making weapons to fight Digimon (which reminds me of Kuuga and Kuuga is my favorite Rider season), both Matt and Tai are arguing with one another as usual and it is because of Omegamon fusion breaking apart near the end of the battle which did happen in the movie. And finally both Maki and Daigo both knew each other since elementary school.

The 2nd episode in this movie is where things do start to happen with Joe still at home doing his studies when that Ogermon comes to the human world and starts attacking. And then when Mimi has her Togemon accidently attacks a helicopter and the next day her school mates are talking behind her back and she says if you talk about a person then just say it to their face. And that is a life lesion that I honestly is a very good one to me. So because of that Mimi school mates are now calling her a Jikochu which means self-centric/ annoying. And now Mimi is just upset by the whole thing when she then meets up with Joe and she tells Joe what I just said and Joe tells her that is better than being a coward.

You see Joe for the whole time is just furious right now between being both a Digidestined and doing his best in school. THIS FALLS FLAT AT THE END BY THE WAY but I will explain why that is when I get to that since that also brings up something big I want to say to Tri as a whole. Also Leomon is from Adventure is now back is it just happens I mean it would have had been nice to see like a scene where like he meets up with Tai and then everyone else again but no just Tai and then everyone else. But yah it is nice to see Leomon back again even if he will just end up dying again (you don’t need me giving spoilers to know that will happen :P).

Part 3 starts and I sourta think it’s the worst part of this movie IF, and only if because of the animation. Up till this part the animation has been good so far and nice just like the first one but here though the animation while not bad but is very stilted. Like a bunch of shots of background charters just looking dead and are more stilted paintings than anything else and also this picture right here with Meiko’s arm band appearing and dis appearing. But now to the plot of this one Mimi says screw it I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks of me and goes ahead with her pain. You see early on she had an idea to have this place call Daters (which is basically just like Hooters) Open up at her school festival, her ideas were rejected but now does not give a crap and going along with her plains.  
Joe still doing his studies have no time for fighting anymore and Gomamon sees that and decides to leave to the tower where all the other Digimon are. That is also when Izzy gets an email saying “The 2 sides of the universe are like 2 sides of a coin. Those who desire power and must go beyond the Darkness, and Beyond". Maki then want’s Izzy to come to the school not that there is anything impotent but to let Izzy be a kid so she sends Izzy a picture in that costume and now Izzy wants some of that Mimi booty I WILL STOP NOW!

Part 4 is where I desperately need to talk about this because it has been bothering me for some time now and that is Joe because it is at this part with both Joe and Gomamon are talking and Joe does not like he is with the Digidestined again and he is struggling to become an adult and take school seriously and that he needs a reason to fight. And it is then Kari then tells him Adult or Chile it does not matter in the end. Your partner needs your help, so is that a god enough reason to fight? Now that is some good charter building of rather or not being an adult or child does not matter in the end for they are the Digidestined.

HOWEVER THIS IS JOE! And In Digimon 02 Joe was that an ADULT giving good advice to like Cody. So this brings up exactly why Joe would have trouble with being both a Digidestined and adult since it looked like he could do it just fine. It feels like they are just ignoring Digimon 02 ever happen. And this also brings up another problem with Tri as a whole which I will get into at the end of this review so keep this in mind for latter.

So now this is where the Digimon Emperor comes in and takes Meicoomon must say I very much love the re design of the Digimon Emperor I mean the original one looks like something that a kid would have had created which looks awesome to a kid but the Tri Ver. gives it a much needed design up date and looks like a much better. Also let’s recap shale we he kick puppies, step on flowers, and also steal kittens, Ken is a real asshole if you ask me (and then there is his shit eating grin which I will not get into this review). But yah he takes him through this I don’t know what this is like road to the Digital world where both Palmon, Leomon, and Gomamon go after him. Ken is a cheater though and busts out Imperialdramon in his Dragon mode and attack them and what is made worst Leomon is now an infected Digimon when he fought Ogermon from before.

All 3 look good as dead until Joe comes and will fight with Gomamon and that let Gomamon Digivolves which it is awesome seeing Ikkakumon Digivolve and it was even more awesome sing him Digivolve into ultimate which is a cool sequence, but less awesome seeing ultimate to Mega. I mean Digivolving from champion to Ultimate is cool with the Digivice changing colors to the personal user and having their crest be a part of the transformation sequence as well was awesome. But Ultimate to mega is lacking because it is just a gold ring and that’s all. Usually Digivolving sequences are amazing with being flashy and jaw dropping excitement and stuff like that but here just white backgrounds and gold rings. And what sucks also this is Toei Animation which are the kings of using Stock footage which means everyone else will likely as well have this same transformation sequence because that's Toei, what do you expect?

And it also made this final fight feel lack luster as hell with it taking FOREVER I mean Brave Hear played TWICE through the whole battle! I mean Warping Digivolving could have had solved all of the problems of the fight scene. I mean the PS2 Digimon Game did it and even a fan made Ver. that does not look all that bad. but on the pro side we finally see Vikemon in a anime and Rosemon in HD (which I really love since I love Savers to death, sadly I assume we will not get to see her in Burst mode in HD which sucks). Also did anyone else see when they attacked Imperialdramon both Rosemon and Vikemon are flickering repetitively I hope that is because they are slightly frozen and not because of computer animation problems.

Well any ways all 3 defeat Imperialdramon (which is more than fine with since while Imperialdramon says he is the toughest he is not in actually) and Ken just let Meicoomon go. Also Hackmon is this whole time just watching in the background. I would call him a Jack off but a cool rumor I here is that he is a scout for Alphamon and that explains why he is in his form, I mean he was their when Alphamon came in the first Tri Movie.

And when everything looks fine and all Meiko’s Digivice goes red and Black (coming to a Premium Bandai near you) and Meccomon goes from this cute little cat to this ferocious berserk mode and kills Leomon, oh my god they killed Leomon you… are joking right? I mean it is too soon to do something like that already in a Tri movie I mean he is the Nobel Lion Trope and all but already X Evolution gave Leomon more time and interactions. 

And then the movie ends with Meccomon going into a digital portal and also Maki smiling when Leomon dies. Also incited of the "I Wish" Remix we now got a great remix of "7", a song that I did not know about till I heard it in the Tri end credits and it's pretty amazing and you should listen to it to
Overall I give Digimon Tri Determination a 2/5

This was still fine and all but way too many missteps in the movie

I really loved the stuff with Mimi here coming out as a charter and accepting who she is and take no crap from no one was really great, and even the structure of this movie was better than the first one I will admit. Sadly that is almost all the good I can give with like Joe’s subplot in the show being more of a betrayal of his charter of who he was in 02. The animation was off as well through the whole film it could have had been more crisper if I am using that word right, and finally the worst sin of all this makes more questions than answer them. And now I want to talk about my major and biggest complaint with the movie, and here is my question “how much of Digimon did the writers see?” 

I do mean that, how much Digimon did the writers see? Because my friend pointed this out to me why like why is Meiko treated like the 9th Digidestined even though in 02  all the kids around the world get both Digimon and Digivices and aren’t like the Digidestined famous and well known by everyone and both Tai and Agumon are like ambassadors at the end of 02? And what about Azulongmon and Gennai, those 2 are very pivotal charters and would like alert the Digidestined at this point I mean if they are not in the next Tri movie or mention in the Next Tri movie then this will raise further questions? This movie is still OK but the more I pick it apart the more wrong I see let’s hope that come September the 3rd Tri movie is much better. And for now until like May or June I will be taking a bit of a vacation (more like work on finals than anything else) and will come back soon with a special review.

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