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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Digimon 03 staff


Before I begin with the news, this art work looks fantastic like really love the looks of this and seeing all of them fully looking what they are it looks great. so in the actual news the official staff for the Digimon 03 anime coming soon, and today we have the first image of all of the DigiDestines fully drawn (already gave my thoughts on that) and who will be working on the show. the art work will be done by Atsuya Uki (quick look at what he has done with no info on the show he has done Cencoroll, tsuritama, and Oreimo EP 7 ending) the series script supervisor will be Yuuko Kakihara (quick look he has done Heaven's Lost Property, Stitch!, and Persona 4 which ironically Colleen O'Shaughnessey was also in the Persona 4 dub and in the original Adventure dub), and finally the director is Keitaro Motonaga (who taking a quick look at what he WAIT he did Ah My Buddha and School Days........... I don’t want to like on this plant anymore). UUUUhhhhhh so any ways new info on this 03 anime and possible exciting if any of you guys out their know more about the 03 staff and what good things they did let me know on social media (and hope the Director is doesn't make Sora kill Tie cauz if so I will stop being a Digimon fan).

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