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Friday, December 12, 2014

Kamen Rider Mach first image

Sources TokuNationsWith it almost being 2015 which means we are getting new scans for the 2ndary rider (or the newest belt if your Gaim) but anyways Drives partner (or will begin out hating Drive and fighting/ arguing with then t 3/4 of the show they will be friends, what you start picking up a pattern if you watch enough rider) Kamen Rider March. based more off an motorcycle and design wise MEH, i just don't know why but not really feeling his design really (but hey he have the classic Kamen Rider Scarf, but it kinda gives off a Beast vibe if the scarf is inter changeable). He also has a motorcycle as well MEH. a new Rider to come next year and get ready for his appearance.

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