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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

New Ninninger clearer toy image

Sources TokuNations
A while ago we had images of the Ninninger Mecha and it was SUPER BLURRY AND HARD TO SEE THAT IT WAS FRUSTRATEING ME. And we now have a cleaner image of Shurikenjin. The gimmick of the toy is using sounds from the Shinobi Shuriken (the gimmick of the year) and is switching of the chest and form changing (like from a robot to a dragon). The zords that are also part of the mecha is Shinobimaru (ninja), Dragomaru (dragon), Dumpmaru (dump truck), Wanmaru (dog), & Byunmaru (train), and Shurikenjin design is rather meh… dragon Shurikenjin looks cool tho.
Sources TokuNation
More Ninninger was announcing was as well, such as the Gama Gama Ju which is a frog cannon (YES!) which comes with the blue Shinobi Shuriken.

 This year’s belt toy (called the Ninja Buckle) with the Shinobi Shuriken.

The Shinkenmaru which is getting a rerelease… opus, MY BAD. But just by looking at the toy it looks like it was influence by the Shinkenmaru including a disk like Gimmick (also with the elements on the disk called the Goton Shinobi Shuriken as well with the elments being Fire, Water, Wood, Metal or Earth.) and it comes with the red and element Shinobi Shuriken.
 The Ninninger figures (which are all males and more muscle then the normal japan figures, kinda looks a bit like BOA figures… -.-).

Finally a giant Shuriken called the Karakuri Hengen a weapon that can turn into a Blade, a Bow, and a Claw.
ToQGer is ending (which I’am happy for me) and we are now being shown new toy Ninninger toys, only a matter of time till we see the things in person.
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