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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Ninninger Toy catalog

Sources TokuNation
New Ninninger things reviled today, the Main Mecha which is possabibly named Shurikenjin OR Ninninjin, that looks a bit like Daikai Shinken Oh. But not only that but also a catalog of what's to come for the future of Ninninger toys.
Ninninger Names

Sentai Hero Series vinyls coming for all 5 Ninjas. 800 yen each in February.
 Ninnin Action Series figures coming in February for 1500 yen each. Akaninja, Aoninja, & Kininja.
 Punch Fighter Ninninger, 2400 yen

Collectible Item
Shinobi Shuriken –  Swords activated by the Shurikens. Voice and LED’s in each. Apparently each of the 5 Ninningers Shurikens will be capable of forming the head of their main Mecha as well!
DX Shinobigatana Best Sword Sword weapon/changer of the series. This toy includes the Red Shuriken, 4980 yen
DX Gammagamma Gun. Includes Blue Shuriken, 3980 yen.
DX Ninnin Buckle. Includes Shiro/White Shuriken, 2800 yen.
DX 5 Super Ninja Tonnin shuriken 1800 yen

Main Mecha
DX Shuriken Gattai Shurikenjin! A 5 piece combining robot made up of:
Shinobumaru – a humanoid robot ninja core piece/torso
Dragomaru – Left arm, dragon
Danpumaru – Possibly a dump truck, right arm
Wanmaru – Dog, one of the 2 legs
Byunmaru – onomatopoeia sound for something moving fast. Think “pew pew”. Also one of the 2 legs.
The Shurikens appear to be able to create new helmets for Shurikenjin as well! Creating Shurikenjin Drago, Shurikenjin Danpu, etc.

Additional Mecha
Otomo Shinobu (Ninja Clan) DX releases
 Otomo Shinobu Series #1 DX Paonmaru with Paon Shuriken, 2800 yen
 Otomo Shinobu Series #2 DX UFOmaru with UFO Shuriken, 2800 yen
DX 3-Stage Transformtion Shinobumaru Whirlwind
There are no additional images yet to confirm or deny these listings but it looks very much like this is what the toyline for Shuriken Sentai Ninninger will look like. Given we’ve already had our first peek at the supposed DX Shurikenjin earlier this morning, we should have solid details tonight/tomorrow!
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