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Monday, December 22, 2014

Kamen Rider Gaim Gaiden Project new riders and new formrs

Sources TokuNation
A while ago there was a video with Kamen Rider Gaim with it staring Kaito and Takatora and my thoughts at the time was “REALLY why these 2 out of the whole series these 2 had the lease charter interaction” but I don’t mine their being more Gaim stuff.

Zangetsu has a new arms with the Lock Seed Proto 10 Lock Seed which is design after the Suika arms/ watermelon arms and it a watermelon. Also in addition his Mellon Defender has a gun now, and also he has a Musou Saber so he has offence Defense and long range attack so Zangetsu has all 3.

 There is a new Kamen Rider in the scene Zangetsu is fighting Kamen Rider Eden who is wielding the Forbidden Apple Lock Seed and is known as Kamen Rider Eden Ringo Arms.

The next scene Kamen Rider Baron has a with new Arms the Taboo Arms and is repint of the Golden Arms. And in the scene he is fighting Kamen Rider Tyrant with the Dragon Fruit Energy Arms.

2 new Riders look like daemons (and both are awesome looking) and 2 arms repaint that both look awesome on both Zangetsu and Baron.

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