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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Nat Wolff might be Light Yagami in live action U.S. Death Note movie

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 For those who do not know I'm a big Death Note fan and have had been waiting a while now for when news of the live action U.S. Death Note movie to come out for some time now, and we did get it finally now. nothing is confirmed but more then likely it could be Nat Wolf who a quick IMDB check he has done The Fault in Our Star, Paper towels, which were good rated movies (both of which I have not seen nor will I just because), and surprise he was apart of a Nick show The Naked Brothers Band, which is crap, from what I header I never seen it. From the 2 movies he at lease got some good acting credits to him so he knows how to act, also on this project is screen writers  Adam Wingard which has done a bit of horror movies, and also the guy who did Fantastic 4 movie... I'll stop here before i do or say something I might regret, I will give this a chance because it will at lease not be as bad as Dragon Ball Evolution.  

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Kamen Rider Chaser V-Cinema


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If their was 1 thing everyone loved from Kamen Rider Drive that would have to be Chaser who everyone loved and everyone was sad about when he did die (and I almost broke out crying in tears when he did die, no joke I was that sad when i saw him die). but it looks like Chaser is not completely dead because he's back in a new Direct to DVD movie with also coming with a DX Break Gunner (Drive Saga Version) with also added in with a new Shift car which from this image looks a lot like the Shift car from Kamen Rider Lupin. it will be awesome to see Chase back in action once again.
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New Toku Magazine scans for 9-30-15

A lot of stuff has surface for what will happen in October in both Kamen Rider and Super Sentai.

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With Ninninger we have the return of Jiraiya from the metal hero series Jiraiya, and he will be reprise by his orignal actor Takumi Tsutsui. That is a cool idea I think and is really good, just really hope that Jiraiya is not wasted just like the Hurricanger and Kakuranger special that came out.


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Still on the subject of Ninninger we have the new Ninninger mecha Gekiatsu DaiOh which is better then the toy but I still rather not all that fond of this design just because, which is how I feel a lot of the Ninninger design, I kinda hope this is the last mecha their is, I could not imagination another mecha for this show.




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To conclude things here we have Kamen Rider Ghost and the new stuff with some Ghost stuff. Ghost has a new form his 4th from Robin Damashii! with his gadget condor phone (you got to love a show that has a weapon which is both a condor and phone). That big piece of CGI that ghost rids on is called the Iguana Ghostriker! and wow, wow is all i have to say, this is just cool. We also have Kamen Rider Specter look at his main weapon and bike, Spector GanGan Hand is cool and with the barrel with a point this truly is a true figure bang. His personal Bike Machine Hoodie (while a bit of a goofy name) is a very awesome looking bike and I personally like it more then Ghost bike.

Tones of new stuff here for October with also the premiere of Ghost in a few short days.

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2016 Super Sentai Doubutsu Sentai Jyuuouger

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Already with Ninninger only like half way done (again only halfway done) Toei had sign the Trademark for Doubutsu Sentai Jyuuouger which is a animal themed Super Sentai. Funny seeing that Dobutsu Sentai was used for Doubutsu Sentai Go-Busters. a lot of people have had debated on "really another Jungle Theme Sentai, AGAIN" which I do not mind all that much since we have a lot of animal theme Super Sentai's before. yes it would have had been nice to see a bug space Sentai season.....

I will not judge something atomically judge something I will usually wait for things like suits, cast, and then the show it self before i make any real decisions. I do not mind if it is light haired or not all i just ask for is that it is compliantly written is all because the last few super Sentai seasons have had not been that smart of shows. And also Bandai does not meddle all that much because Ninninger toys are currently has the most horrible sold toy sales in recent times. 

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Mirai Sentai Timeranger Review Part 4

The Charters
Tatsuya/ Time Red
Tatsuya is a great Red Ranger and a compilation of what made a good 90’s Red Ranger a badass, a fearless leader who didn't take shit from anyone, and more importantly took his job serious. His struggle were with him fighting his density and him making his own future. I also consider him a very happy guy and his interaction with the other rangers and well he did act like a friend would being considered to worse someone, putting down his boot when needed, and also making people laugh, feelings, As a leader he did do a good job with being a leader, at first he got beaten up but latter knew what to do and how to do it. And I must give credit to his actor Masaru Nagai since he did a really good job at plaining a happy go lucky like Tatsuya and also an evil douchebag like Captain Ryuuya

Yuuri/ Timepink
Yuri is a radically different Pink Ranger from the norm of Pink Rangers who are usually the happy, heart fill types or just girly girls, but not Yuri. Yuri is full with anger and hate which you cannot blame her because she did lose all of her family when she was a kid to Don and that is why she became a cop in the first place, to find Don revenge. But when she does finally go and find him dying he does not recognize her family he killed of her and she really just feels empty inside. I do think she was the real 2nd command, while Tatsuya did a bunch as a leader, Yuri also did a lot as well and she proved that girls can be total badass.
Ayase/ Timeblue
Ayase is my favorite charter out of everyone and is going to be in my top 3 for Blue Rangers, and his charter focus episodes were some of the best as well. Ayase began as a man who had a dream to build his dream car and loved driving cars until 1 day where he got future Cancer. He basically gave up on life since he was going to die soon, until he had an epiphany. He would join the Timerangers and also become a person on decanting his time to protect others and making sure they would not get hurt and he thinks of others before himself. I just really like how selfless this man is and how much he does for other people and he is just a kid guy as well, he is definitely one of my favorite Rangers of all time.

Domon/ Timeyellow
I was not the biggest fan of Domo in the beginning, he was more of a big hot head guy who easily got into fights and arguments with just about all of his team mates and he was annoying at time which even his team also felt the same way about. It was not when Honami was introduce till Domo was much better as a charter, he started to stop and think and not be all not a hot head and he thought about how him being from a different time line might change their relationship. It is that both of these 2 they work tougher and it is understandable why these 2 did not end up tougher but they did have a kid

Sion/ Time Green
Sino is the weakest charter out of all of the other rangers, out of everyone he did the lease amount of things to do. I mean all he got going for him is his home world destroying and him being the smarter one of the group but other than that he got nothing else but doing inventions for the other rangers and that 1 very funny episode where everyone was in a movie and it was a dream in the end, he comes off more like that ranger that is their just to be there.
Naoto/ Timefire
Naoto just like Yuri is a different ranger from other rangers before him. Naoto is an antihero through the whole story, he desire power since he never had any power what so ever because he is a very poor person, and as such he is pissed off at Tatsuya because he does have power but he feels like he is not using it to it full use. You think him being a part of both the city guardians and Time Fire would be enough for hum but no, he still wants more power and willing to do some pretty dirty means to do it as well like sell out his friends to be at the top of the Asami Corp. yes he did eventually did start becoming a hero but that was too late since he would eventually die and go to 6th ranger Heaven where he would give Gai the powers to become a Gokai Silver

The Music

The sound track is split down the line for me since I like literally enjoy have of the songs on this list, and all of the music does sound like all jazz music. The songs I do like is the opening, MY GOD THE TIMERANGER OPENING I love the orchestra bits, the slow past it takes with the then thrilling rest of the music is just an epic and could also be fitting for a final battle as well with the real final battle that did happen in the show. Many people have also said on record that this is the best Super Sentai opening of all time as well, and I sadly disagree with that my favorite Sentai opening is Goseiger Opening, say what you will about the show but I love the opening, and I think it is a lot better than Ninninger in my option. OK Time Robo is awesome as well, mainly the guitar riff is what is awesome about this song, and the song having the jet sounds a jet would have.

For the songs I do not like are the V-rex theme and Time Shadow theme, BOTH TAKE FOREVER TO GET GOOD! I mean it take a good minute for some lyrics to happen and before that it is just a boar of jazz before that, this is just a personal thing for me since you all might enjoy it more for me and that is OK.  Digital-Ranger Jukebox recommendations: Shinku no Doushi~TimeFire for amazing guitar riffs, lyrics that help with Time Fire, and also a up beat song just ready for battle

The Good 
 The Writing
The writing for the show really stands out for me compare to more Sentai shows that has come before and after this show. These episodes are all so good and you know what I would gladly rewatch any of these episodes again anytime. This is some of Kobayashi’s best work of all time with things like so many plot twist and great charters.
The Production for the Mechas
I absolute LOVE everything about the Mecha from this show, I love all the designs for this show and all of the Mecha feels very grounded, like using another Mecha to send the Mecha and them using a Time Flyer to get into their Mecha is just so genius. Not to mention all the sets looks high quality made and the choreography is amazing probably the best in all of Sentai Mecha history and that alone is worth if for the show alone, and not to mention I think how the use of both CGI and practical effects are integrated so well in the show, and I also miss when new combinations took their time and showed it forming instead of being all quick like that in modern Sentai.

Time Fire
Despite what I said before I really like Time Fire and think he is really unique and Different, he is an anti-hero and we have had like never had a Anti-hero as a ranger for a whole show, o yah we have had ones like villains or rivals but not a Anti-hero and it is refreshing to see for once, a ranger who is an antagonist and that just works on so many levels for this show. I’m not oppose to have a charter archetype for another 6th ranger again, just because Time Fire is different and I think that is why people like him. I explain on him enough already on his charter so I will not repeat myself what I have had said before.

The Ending

The ending is a very good and also sad ending that I really enjoyed. I mean the stakes were really high with the whole destruction of the 20th century, so many deaths happen even with charters we did knew, so much happen in this ending it was really great. And the part where Yuri and Tatsuya are separated is well just sad honestly.  

The Bad
The Villains
While not the worst or stupidest villains we have, these villains are more of a boar than anything else. Lila was the boring and well just their just for the sake of having another villain. Dolnero was better since he did have some development just not a lot with him, and Gien, Gien could have had been villains in all of Super Sentai! I mean with him doing so much damage and destruction and him going crazy it could have had been amazing but not that did not happen at all he wants to destroy humanity just because. I mean for as crazy as he is this heal turn comes straight out of nowhere. I mean it would be cooler if he instead of being an adult Gin was a child and still learning to become an adult and then growing up with Don he would be crazy from that. HECK let’s go 1 step farther and make him Don’s child who then go crazy. I mean this would really been awesome but what we did get is something rather disappointing.

Yuuri and Tatsuya relationship

While I did complement the relationship at the end with Yuuri and Tatsuya is well not really well develop hardly at all. In the first 10-20 episodes yes then like out of nowhere near the end of the story they love each other. Even Domo and Honami are the same way as well but it is more of an excuse with them since it was more near the midway point of the show and well they had a kid so they get a pass for that. But o well another relationship gone nowhere in Toku again.

The Grey Area  

Captain Ryuuya
Captain Ryuuya can only be describe as an evil, evil, evil man. I already express enough my feelings to worse this guy so I’ll be brief. Yes I know what he did make us want to hate him and all he did was just wrong but what he did can never be forgiven and also Death is too good for him

Final Verdict 

So now this brings me back to what I said in the long ago beginning of this review is Timeranger worth the hype? You know after watching this show I say yes, yes it is. This show is defiantly worthy of all of the hype it get. And as such for that I only see fitting that Timeranger get.

The Prodigious Award Seal of Approval™ an award reserved for only the best of the best and must be seen by all.

Timeranger is a show everyone has to see at least once in their life because this is just a very awesome show. This show I feel like is a time capsule of everything good about 90's Sentai how fun they were, I just cannot recommend this show enough so just go ahead and watch this show because you will not regret it in the slightest. O MY GOD I AM VERY SORRY THAT I MADE THIS REVIEW SO LONG I REALLY DID NOT INTEND FOR IT TO BE THIS LONG. I mean I swear this is probably longer then my Kamen Rider Taisen Review which at that point was my longest review by far. Speaking of Taisen I’m going to take a bit of a break just because of this so come back in December where I shale Review Kamen Rider GP and the Yongou Special + an extra movie, what is that extra movie? Well if you see the Kamen Rider Yongou special you already know then.