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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New Toku Magazine scans for 9-30-15

A lot of stuff has surface for what will happen in October in both Kamen Rider and Super Sentai.

Sources Tokunation 
With Ninninger we have the return of Jiraiya from the metal hero series Jiraiya, and he will be reprise by his orignal actor Takumi Tsutsui. That is a cool idea I think and is really good, just really hope that Jiraiya is not wasted just like the Hurricanger and Kakuranger special that came out.


Sources Tokunation  
Still on the subject of Ninninger we have the new Ninninger mecha Gekiatsu DaiOh which is better then the toy but I still rather not all that fond of this design just because, which is how I feel a lot of the Ninninger design, I kinda hope this is the last mecha their is, I could not imagination another mecha for this show.




Sources Tokunation
To conclude things here we have Kamen Rider Ghost and the new stuff with some Ghost stuff. Ghost has a new form his 4th from Robin Damashii! with his gadget condor phone (you got to love a show that has a weapon which is both a condor and phone). That big piece of CGI that ghost rids on is called the Iguana Ghostriker! and wow, wow is all i have to say, this is just cool. We also have Kamen Rider Specter look at his main weapon and bike, Spector GanGan Hand is cool and with the barrel with a point this truly is a true figure bang. His personal Bike Machine Hoodie (while a bit of a goofy name) is a very awesome looking bike and I personally like it more then Ghost bike.

Tones of new stuff here for October with also the premiere of Ghost in a few short days.

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