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Monday, September 7, 2015

Mirai Sentai Timeranger Review Part 1

The Overview
Mirai Sentai Timeranger (Translated into Future Squadron Timeranger) is a Sentai that EVERYONE WANTS TO SEE and for that it is a VERY HYPED SUPER SENTAI. What makes this a even more hyped Super Sentai is that this is another one of those Sentai that is not fully sub (a reason why is that what I heard the Raw is not good and as such people subbing the show gave up on it or something like that) and it has be on everyone’s to watch list. Another reason is that Power Rangers Time Force was a really good and the people who have seen Time rangers (and or seen clips of the show) say that it is the same thing as Timeranger, now of course that is speaking only for us Americans for japan however it was well ratings they were wise it did OK, average for time but toy sales they did horrible (despite what E-bay might say). This show was done by 2 writers I have had previously mention on other reviews before Yasuko Kobayashi and Toshiki Inoue O YAH because the last time I review something when they both worked tougher THAT WORKED SO FUCKING WELL HUN RYUKI!? But granted this was A) mostly done by Kobayashi and Inoue did only a hand full of and as such this is one of Kobayashi’s best series to date and B) done in a time before Toshiki Inoue took his crazy pills and became the japan equivalent to Frank Miller. Now I’m on of the lucky people to see Timeranger since I have a friend with who I also do a podcast with (which I'm in no way self-promoting HERE) so with that all out of the way IS THIS ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS Kobayashi DID? w\as this the last good thing Inoue did before he made the same show over and over? And finally is this show worth? Well then time to go back to the past and review Timeranger.

Case File 1: The Time Fugitives
The show begins in the year 3000 A.D. where all of the violence in the world is emaciated, both humans and aliens live in peace tougher in harmony, and Time travel is now a real thing now. And since time travel is a real thing now the people of the future need a squadron to protect the time and you could call it a Time Squad if you will. We are introduce to a man… a man by the named 

(This is my Ver. of a red flag because O BOY CAPTIAN RYUUYA, we will get to him latter and for those who have seen Timeranger know what I’m talking about, WHOO WHAT AN BASTARD I’M I RIGHT!) Also introduce is our main rangers for this show Yuri/ Timepink, Ayase/ Timeblue, Domon/ Timeyellow, and finally Sion/ Time Green (none of their last names are said in the whole show). Meanwhile at the Londarz prison where all the criminal aliens are put away in cryogenic freezers and are then turned into toys, and were introduce to our main villain for the show Don Dolnero. Don Dolnero is basically your stereotypical Mobster, he’s fat, smokes a cigar, wears gold chains, he is what every mob boss ever to exits (heck even the name is Don with is associated with mobsters and his other part of his name Dinero is the Spanish word for money which is what the mobsters want), before Dolnerois put in the freezer the process is stopped by his friend Gien a robot with a very asymmetrical look to the guy, and figure guns cauz why this is the future. When this happens they take a hold of the building and then take the all of the criminals and use them of the monster of the weeks of the show. When this happens the Timerangers are brief on this and go back in time on the space ship piloted by Navigation Robo Tac or they call him Takku (which I will also call him in this review (now here is a thing that bugged me Bandai of Japan keeps making more stuff that were in the show unlike Bandai of America does Heck in Kyoryuger they made kings amber necklace, and then Also Bandai makes more in the show, where am I going with this you may be asking? Well both Bandai of Japan and America never made a Taku/ circuit figure which he was a very pivotal charter and I'm surprise they did not, maybe with the Legacy line they can make a legacy Circuit figure, and when that day come help support with the hashtag #LegacyCircuit) The rangers then go to try and get Dinero BUT… it was a trick because Dolnero teleports the Londarz building in front of the timeranger ship and then Takku is then shot by Caption Ruuya only it is not Capetian Ryuuya but is another one of Don Dolneroallies Liria. When the rangers get to the year 2000 A.D. Liria escapes sets the ship to self-destruct and partly leaves the Rangers to die and the ship explodes (WELL NOW that was a short show did not knew the villains one for once). NO they are all alive and founded by a guy just running along by the name of Tatsuya Asami (fun fact both the actors for both Tatsuya and Yuri were both in a metal hero series tougher Jikuu Senshi Spielban) Tatsuya find the others unconscious and when they awake they see Tatsuya and think that he is Capetian Ryuuya and then attack him. Meanwhile with Don Dolnero, Gien, and Liria now that they are in the past they will take over the past and think it is much easier to do so since they are again form the future, so now that they are in the past what is the first thing they try and do now that they are in the past? But of course. And they have their foot soldiers that Gin made called Junk Droid Zenitts and they go steel money from a bank. Back at the beach the other rangers tying up Tatsuya again thinking he is Captian Ryuuya (even though Liria was the one who reviled herself and it is not Captian Ryuuya) and Takku then here’s that Don Dolnero is attacking the city and the rangers know they must go and stop him and from the wreckage of the ship they get the Chrono Changer the shows transformation device for the show. I like the Chrono Changers they are simple but effected and also this would be the first time a changer would do the whole suddenly appearing strap that Kamen Rider will be known form and this showed that you don't need about a million gimmicks with a changer all you need is a toy with a bunt of built in sounds to make a fun toy, Chouzetsu Brace you and your very limited sounds in it. But the rangers need 5 people to activate their changers and so they get Tatsuya and him too active the changers and they morph by shouting Chrono Changer with one of my most favorites Super Sentai transformation sequences ever and they morph into the Timerangers. 

I really like the Timernage suits what make them different from others is the silver on the arm guards and the boots (funny with monochromatic associated with like the future). And the T design also works to with you know the T standing for Time. For their helmets I also like as well with them glowing with tech detail on them, also it would be the last time for a long time we had helmets with a mouth piece. Also Fun fact about their helmets the stuntmen were totally blind, YAH NO JOKE. You see while doing the show they used 2 helmets 1 helmet was totally blank and was really only used for close up shots and made the ones fighting blind, and then there is the other helmet with allowed the stuntmen to see but if you look real close you can totally see that it is not like the complete solid helmet and that is why a complete solid helmet is not commonly used only a few times like Abaranger with Abarekiller, Goseiger and Gosei Knight, Gokaiger Gokai silver and all of the Go-Busters buddy roads and Go-Busters themselves. Now how will they get to where Don Dolnero is located at, well for the show they use a device called the Time Flyer which is a glider look like device which is used very practical and effectually in the show I must say. When they arrive they do the typical stick of announcing themselves and who they are, and for like this first episode alone they do a Matrix style move of bullet time thing before the matrix came out, and we also get to see the weapons for the Timerangers as well the Chrono Sabers and the Vol cannons (which are basically all BFG's). And their first battle ends pretty OK, Don is a tough opponent though but they do well against his grunts and he retreats and the final shot in the first episode ends with Doves and prepare to see a lot of Doves because there are so many doves you swear John WU did the directing for the show. The first episode was a strong first episode. I like the setting for the show taking all in the future with Time cops, I did not like that part the rangers thought that their red was the guy who blew up the ship even though it was one of don allies, I did think that the Red Ranger for the show being different one from the rest of the ranger is different and Unique. So yah a nice way to start a show but it would get much better from the few goofs in this first episode. 

Case File 2: The Unseen Future

In the 2nd episode of the show this shows main theme show changing our future, is the future set in stone or can we make our own future which is a thing I can say we all relate to since we want to be in charge of our own destiny. And the biggest showing of this is the relationship between both Tatsuya and his father. His father is for a lack of a better turn a typical Asian business man who wants his son to be the next in line for his company but Tatsuya doesn’t not want to because he is young and he want to make his own decisions and bla bla bla. I’m skipping a bit into the future of the show to say that this argument between both of them is not that one sided as you might think or genetic either because latter in the show Tatsuya mom tells him that just like him his father tried and break away from the Asami just like him when he was his age but he could not do it so he went back and became just like his parents. And I must remind you that these people are Asian and I bring this up because in Japan Honor is everything to them and is high up on the list even so much to the point Japanese kids kill themselves commit suicide just for getting like a C or B on a test (I can already tell that did happen at least once without checking any sources). It has even effected charters in Toku as well like Gou from Drive (without that much on spoilers) it is from his dad that is how he is and the way he acts and also why he acts like a races to worse the Roidmudes. Any ways back to Don him, Gien, and Lila now call themselves the Londarz Family (and name themselves after the building with all the criminals) and then go and send a criminal to fight the Timeranges. After the Timerangers defeat that criminal but then it grows giant size when they rip off that patch (why anyone thought why this was any good this is dumb, or maybe this was the only was a reprocution of freezing the chriminal).  With the monster grows the rangers need and help comes in the form of the Time Jets, also I love the time Jets they are all this shiny silver chrome and very practical, also the jests are homages to Jetman and Jetman zords. And even combine tougher to make a big jet which is the gamma formation. The real robot mode Time Eobo is one of my most favorite Robos of all time. I also love that the way the mecha are used to send them to the past is another robo called Providus Base that sends them back in time and it goes through time and we see dinosaurs Egyptians that actually do look like Egyptians and not just Asians as Egyptians (which means I cannot use the Kiba saying “but their white” clip can I) and then Ninjas (this was all before the year 2000 A.D. did something happen in the like that happen in the future?). 

I FREAKING LOVE TIME ROBO! The best part of this mech and why it is so different from other mechas from the pas is that it can become 2 different robots and both look different in each form which makes the robots even better. Beta formation is more for speed and is a gunner form and is used to do more of the fighting and Alpha is more for power and finishing the criminal with the time sword and freezing the criminals. and the Rangers control Time Robo by swords... ok not exactly sure how you can do so much much movement with just swords tho, This is why G Gundam has my favorite type of controls that their is copy your movement and the robot repeats what you do, and i want to say that the fighting in this show is really good from the mechas I mean WOW this is just incredible fighting here people, UNLIKE TODAY WITH NINNINGER where the fight scenes are only 1- 2 minutes and are just BOARING! When they do defeat the criminal (and also Tatsuya mad a deal with his dad if he defeats this monster he would allow him to be whatever he wanted to do) and now Tatsuya and the other Timerangers are now odd job workers with their company called Tomorrow Research, and then Takku ask “who sent in the time flyers?” (Remember this this will be an impotent thing latter on). Now the episodes after this episode I can say this with complete honesty the episode after this one are quite possibly some of the best FILLER EPISODES IN SUPER SENTAI HISTORY! I do really epically with how cool these charters, these charter episodes are what make this show with their charter focus episode. What I will do is describe the best charter episode on the ranger and talk a little about their charter. Yuri's episodes are about her and her family, you see when she was little her family was killed by the Don himself and she want's revenge for him killing his mom, dad, and sister (a sister barely not even 10 yet so milking that sympathy card are we now). And the last thing she said to her sister is that she did not wanted to play leap frog and that is a big regret she had but with some advice from Tatsuya she got better and also he played with her as well. Domo’s episode is a bit more different because only about half of his episodes are just on him, when he was in the future he was disqualified from a torment for some bad blows he did, what is worst he also had to do fighting for support for his brother and sisters which are a lot of them like 10 of them (CHRIST MAN PULL IT OUT WILL YA!) but his development is shared with his admirer Honami Moriyama. In 1 episode when they did meet she was in trouble but was saved she basically fell in love with him and it was love at first sight. But while Domo did like the attrition at first he sadly realize that when he does go back in time  he will leave here and he does not want to get into a relationship he will leave her and realize he will leave her and does not what that to happen to her so he stops drifts away from her to make sure he is not hurt (also on a side note Honami thinks that Time Yellow is actually Ayase I would get angry at this scene because she sees who wears what colors and what ranger they are…. BUT Domo does not wear any bit of yellow on him either SO no criticizing from me). But latter she finds out that Domo is Timeyellow and then they start going out tougher and it forms a good relationship with each other (more on that latter). Sino is the only one who is the weakest in these episodes because he really did not have the most like jaw dropping moments or those WOW moments, but his were the most ones with the comedy to them. Sino is for a lack of a better term an alien and die from a war from his people and then sent to earth and is the last of his kind, has super powers, and he is study on earth and he is ok with this, I bet he cracked his head when he did this. HA you thought I would make a superman reference well if you want one here is the Super man reference, MAN OF STEEL SUCKS!).

Finally we have Ayase, Ayase is probably my favorite out of all the 5. Ayase has (what I will be basically be abridging it) Future cancer and has 2 years left to live so he kinda does not see any point of living what so ever until he had a revaluation, he will join the time police and basically help protect people because he thinks that is what he should do. My favorite episode out of the entire show is in episode 14 called “Dead Heat” Ayase’s old partner he meets who was put in prison because he was a cheater in races and when he was release he did not wanted revenge or to fight Ayase but he wanted to just race cars. And when he met up with Ayase again he tells him says that they were going to make their dream car tougher, and also how they were really good drivers tougher and the current viaduct is a tie between them. Until they race again and Ayase protects a young child and Ayase’s partner admits to Ayase that he is a better driver then he is. Then Lila betray him and then make him attack the other rangers (because he had a neckless on him that makes him attack others) and then in the finally he says to Ayase that Ayase was the better man and also beg the Timerangers please put me back in jail and also I beg you and that is what they do. I may have had paraphrase a LOT of that episode but take my word for it was a REALLY GOOD EPISODE. And you want to know a thing to this episode was done by Toshiki Inoue, YES! I admit I talk crap about him, how bad this guy is, and how I think he is an Idiotic writer in general but after watching this episode I realize something when he could write HE KNEW HOW TO WRITE. Which makes me sad now seeing all of his modern stuff which turns out to so many kinds of bad and so much poetical of what good it could have had been, but now he is mostly known for all of his bad stuff he has been and pretty much have had done nothing good in the past decade (except for Death Note I really like that show, A LOT and will review it as soon as the live action U.S. adaption comes out). When we have a very serious and touching episode like that we also have a breather and enjoyable episode as well like Episode 21 “Sion's Style” where everyone is drunk off their asses and OMFG is it just a sight to behold. A bit latter on some new stuff happens when Gin invents a new robot that starts causing havoc among the city (VERY IMPOTENT THING TO NOTE HERE it is powered by something called lambda 2000 which is a super powerful crystal and is first Ver. of another powerful crystal called Zeta 3, this will make a lot more sense latter on in the review) but the Asami corruption has created something new a powerful new weapon called the Rami, and to me the Rami reminds me of Moguera from Godzilla V. Space Godzilla I’m not just saying that simply from my memory of that being my first Godzilla movie but also from the fact that it is piloted by humans, it looks heavy and very tank, and also has a drill, a drill that can peace its enemies, and the heavens. But then the Rami tank is destroyed, and worst is that the Timerangers try to fight the robot in their robot but Time robo failed, and when they are about to be squished the sky turns black as a solar eclipse happens and coming through the solar eclipse is a robot and that robot is Time Shadow. 

Time Shadow is SO many kinds of kick ass for starters he is a ninja robot that transforms into a jet (repeat ninja robot that transforms into a jet) has these cool blue sword blades which can also combine to make an arrow. Time Shadow also is a unmanned robot and is only controlled from controls, think of him as pretty much as like the tackle boy from Jetman or liner boy from GOGOV. And just like Time Robo it goes back in time with  us seeing Dracula, the Apollo moon landing and MOSES from the BIBLE (WHAT THE I DON'T EVEN) And this mecha can also combine with Time Robo Alpha and Beta to make Time Robo Shadow Alpha and Time Robo Shadow Beta, I like alpha more since it looks so much more badass, while Beta looks goofy with the side horns on him (also a significant thing to say about Time Shadow if you see in like his training in his first appearance you can see that he is on top of the twin towers). And that is what pretty much put an end to Gin new robot but just because Rami is destroyed does not mean that this is the end of the Asami Corp. against the Londarz Family. Over all these episodes were really great and is just a blast to watch through, yah some episodes had no big over arcing story but hey the episodes themselves are a real joy to see. Now I done goofed up and did not realize on exactly how long I made this review and so I’m ending most of this review right here and next week I will have  the rest of the story of Timerangers. 

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