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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Kamen Rider Ghost Trailer reaction

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Kamen Rider Ghost will air soon and we have our TV commercial for Kamen Rider Ghost and I'm doing my reaction for this TV commercial, video is right up here and my thoughts will be down here so go watch the trailer and when your done you can read my thoughts here.

we begin IN SPACE......................... with NOT a music that sounds like Stanley Kubrick 2001 a space Odyssey and the ship is on fire and going into our atmosphere  but don't be scared it is a VERY SMALL space ship. We see then the Ghost  Icons are alive which surprise me i thought they were just objects and nothing else. and on earth we see the hoodies that go with the Icons appearing because of the arrive of the Icons. then we see a in door concert with the word Ghost and a ghost boy is there too who then turns into a real boy and Henshin's into Ghost. I like Kamen Rider Ghost design it looks pretty cool and I will talk more about the design when I do the first episode. Then his other hoodies start playing musical interments also with Ghost glowing in the dark he reminds me of Faiz who was also glow in the dark like a glow stick. And then ghost ninjas attack (i so love that this show will have freaking ghost ninjas) and then Ghost attack the Ghost ninjas with his other forms and the battle ends with Ghost doing his rider Kick. The trailer then ends with Takeru waking up and maybe thinking all of it was a dream but not really since his ghost stuff is with him I don't know really since all of this stuff is not sub yet. This was a serviceable trailer, showed what it had to show and was good and to get people hype for the show coming really soon. 

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